Technology Grant Helps Faculty Enhance Pedagogy and Practice

Steinhardt’s Course Innovation Grants were offered last summer to faculty members wishing to enhance their existing courses.  Ilana Levinson, manager of Academic Technology Services, and an academic technology team worked with faculty during NYU’s summer session to revise thirteen courses in the following areas:  course content delivery; collaborative and student-centered learning environments; and evaluation and assessment.

Catherine Moore from the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions created an online collaborative environment for students to compare and contrast music business culture in their current study abroad sites.

“There’s a whole new layer to this completely online course where students are abroad in different countries,” Moore said.  “The new layer provides systematic feedback from me and from other students, who now have a platform to collaborate and generate ideas together.”

Screen Shot of Moore's Research Module

Moore will now be able to teach students how to do research and take field notes which will be used as support material in a proposal to a music company at the end of each semester.  She noted that this format also benefits students studying abroad because they can then can return to the materials on the course website, and use it “whenever it’s best in their time zone.”

Alicia Morrison and Jose Ortiz from the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders used their grant to restructure a course called,  Practicum 1 & 2.  They created an online learning platform that will allow students to use existing DVD recorded therapy sessions.  The team digitized the sessions so that they could be used as instructional tools in their classroom.

Morrision noted that the blended classroom design she created with Levinson and her team will maximize the relationship of pedagogy to practice in clinical settings.

“The process was rewarding,” Morrison said. “The team supported the individual learning and the vision of the course I wanted to design.”