Diana Silver Receives NYU’s 2015 Distinguished Teaching Award

Diana Silver, an associate professor of public health in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, is the recipient of NYU’s 2015 Distinguished Teaching Award.  The award is given annually to faculty members who have made a significant contribution to the intellectual life of NYU through their teaching.

“Diana Silver is a gifted and enthusiastic educator who is uniformly admired and celebrated for her individual attention to each of her students, her mastery of complex material, and for her mentorship—not only of current and former students, but also of her junior faculty colleagues who seek to improve their own teaching,” said Steinhardt Dean Dominic Brewer.

In nomination letters, students and faculty members described Silver as a thoughtful and compelling teacher who helps her students to connect classroom discussions to the real world.

“Diana Silver’s teaching style is one that ignites a deeper level of thinking,” wrote her former student, Chytanya Kompala. “She forces us to question institutions and to extend our framework of thinking to a societal level.”

Silver has integrated students into field research for a number of different studies, including measuring the utilization of New York’s parks and playgrounds and assessing compliance with required ID checks for cigarette purchases in New York City.