Shabnam Javdani of Department of Applied Psychology Receives NYU’s Martin Luther King Jr. Faculty Award

Shabnam Javdani, assistant professor in the Department of Applied Psychology, has been awarded NYU’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Award. The award is presented annually to faculty members who exemplify King’s spirit through their teaching, public service, leadership, and community-building activities.

Javdani has been described as a professor who inspires, motivates, and empowers her student to take action toward social justice.  Her students see her as a person who has deep compassion for troubled teens and a voice for people on the margins who would otherwise be silenced.

Javdani’s research involves examining the routes that lead girls and women to engage in violence and understanding how societal responses to violence can detrimentally influence outcomes for families.  She recently received  Steinhardt’s W. Gabriel Carras Research Award for her work on gender-specific pathways to violence and disruptive behavior disorders.

Javdani has published manuscripts and chapters in Clinical Psychology Review, the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, and the American Journal of Community Psychology.

(Photo:  Shabnam Javdani (center with flowers) receives NYU’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Award with students (left to right) Roxane Caires, Chloe Greenbaum, Tram Huynh, Shabnam Javdani, Corianna Sichel, Rania Mustafa.))