Tae Hong Park of Music Department Receives Grant from Google To Create a Sound Map

Tae Hong Park, an associate professor of music technology and composition, has received a $59,000 Google Research Award for “Citygram One: Visualizing Urban Acoustic Ecology,” a large-scale interdisciplinary project that seeks to create a sound map for cities and urban environments.  Ajay Kapur, director CalArts’ program in music technology, is collaborating on the project.

‘Citygram One’ is part of a research effort that will create the next-generation of interactive mapping. “Our aim is to render scale accurate, non-intrusive, and acoustically-driven map layers that reveal information encoded in spatio-acoustic environments in real-time,” Park says.

Using remote sensing devices (RSD) the researchers will measure acoustic energy to decode, map, and visualize information such as noise pollution, traffic patterns, and mood.  The RSDs run on Android software, are very small, and can be affixed in designated measurement areas. Park noted that data streamed and visualized by the Citygram maps can add valuable layers of information to municipal records, crime statistic, and census data.