Teboho Moja and Randolph Mowry Receive Steinhardt’s Clinical Faculty Fellowship

Teboho Moja, clinical professor of higher education, and Randolph Mowry, clinical associate professor of applied psychology, are recipients of the Steinhardt School’s Clinical Faculty Fellowship.

The fellowship provides faculty members with research support and a reduced teaching load so they can carry out a proposed project.  The school’s fellowship program was created to ensure clinical faculty members, appointed for practical experience in their respective fields of expertise, have opportunities for professional growth and development.

Moja, a policy analyst who has published widely on educational reform issues, will use her fellowship to work with the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) in Washington, D.C. and Finland to learn how researchers involved with the institute make use of their findings to inform policy.  Moja was appointed to the IHEP’s Global Center on Private Financing of Higher Education’s advisory board in 2006.

Mowry, a certified rehabilitation counselor who co-directs the Department of Applied Psychology’s master’s level counseling programs and coordinates the American Sign Language course minor at NYU Steinhardt, will be providing counseling services at the Lexington School and Center for the Deaf in Jackson Heights, Queens, and completing a content analysis of literature related to counseling culturally Deaf people.

(Photo:  Teboho Moja by Debra Weinstein (NYU Steinhardt).)