National Institute of Health Grant Awarded to Tara McAllister Byun for Research on Speech Disorders and Biofeedback

Tara McAllister Byun, assistant professor of communicative sciences and disorders, has been awarded a $157,000 research grant from the National Institute of Health’s Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders for a project titled, ‘Understanding and eliminating residual speech errors with acoustic biofeedback.’

Research shows that speech sound disorders can interfere with a child’s academic and social participation.  Particular challenges are faced by children with “residual speech errors,” or atypical speech patterns that persist past nine years of age, often despite years of therapy. Preliminary research has shown that residual speech errors can in some cases be eliminated through acoustic biofeedback therapy, but the effectiveness of this therapy method has never been tested in systematic studies.

Byun’s study will measure the effectiveness of biofeedback therapy relative to traditional therapy methods for residual errors while investigating individual characteristics that distinguish good versus poor candidates for biofeedback therapy.

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