Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Launches Book Series with Conference on Controversial Issues

“What is a great books education and why has it become controversial?” was a question posed by Rene Arcilla (right), professor of philosophy at NYU Steinhardt, at “The ‘Great Books’ and the Liberal Arts,” a discussion with Tim Lacy of Loyola University’s Stritch School of Medicine (left).

Arcilla and Lacy offered philosophical insight and historical background on the ‘great books education’ movement, which is still felt in higher education classrooms today.

The great book panel was part of an all-day conference that brought together historians, philosophers, and writers from around the country to launch the University of Chicago Press’ “History and Philosophy of Education” book series.

The series,  co-edited by Jonathan Zimmerman, professor of history and education and chair of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, pairs a historian and philosopher to examine a “hot-button” issue in contemporary education. School choice, sex education, creationism, and teaching controversial issues were among the topics discussed at the conference.

The History of Philosophy of Education Conference was co-sponsored by The Humanities Initiative at New York University.