80WSE Gallery’s Second Annual Invitational Exhibit, “80WSE Presents,” Opens Nov. 27; Runs Through Dec. 22

NYU Steinhardt’s 80WSE is pleased to announce the opening of the gallery’s second annual invitational exhibition “80WSE Presents.”  Curated by 80WSE staff members, the exhibit highlights some of the favorite artists of the 80WSE staff.

Featured artists include:

Kathe Burkhart
Burkhart is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and decade-long NYU faculty member. Working since the early 1980s, Burkhart has consistently and frankly engaged gender roles, sexuality, celebrity, performativity, and language in an interdisciplinary practice. In her “Liz Taylor Series” and further works, Burkhart addresses feminist resistance, female dominance, and sexual power.  This exhibition will premiere a number of major new large-scale paintings by Burkhart.

Jamie Bruce Dearing
Dearing is an artist currently making images and objects regarding the sea coast, architecture, and particle physics. He is currently working on dwelling-like structures which resemble architecture but have philosophical ideas embedded within their materials.  In Dearing’s work, structures have meaning. Every decision means something. Although indebted to Frank Lloyd Wright in proportions and materials, these works are always art rather than architecture. 80WSE will exhibit a large sculptural work from this series by Dearing in Gallery Six.

Michael DeLucia
DeLucia’s painterly sculptures play with notions of texture, distortion, pattern, color, doubling and real, and illusionary space.  His most recent works bear the influence of artists like Bridget Riley, yet their paradoxical spatial forms attest that they could only have been made in the 21st century.

Susanna Howe
Howe never went to art school, but her father was the deputy director at the Museum of Modern Art, so she was deeply influenced by the art in that museum. After studying English at Barnard and working in publishing, she moved to Los Angeles and started her photography career.

Inspired by the light and the alien landscapes of California’s cities, suburbs, and countryside, Howe began shooting regularly for “W” and “Details Magazine,” and then moved on to contribute to “Vanity Fair,” “The New Yorker,” “Vogue,” “Rolling Stone,” “Esquire,”  and “Wired,” among others. Her naturalistic environmental portraiture has earned her a consistent spot on the advertising rosters of jack spade, IBM, Sony, Aldo shoes, J Brand Jeans, Boast and Orange/France Telecom, among others.

George Wilson
Wilson evokes both figurative and historical narratives through tactile, assemblage, and collage-based work. 80WSE will exhibit a monumental simulation of a dismembered couch by Wilson, which brio-collages fabric surfaces expertly recreated from wax alongside more naturalistic fabric stuffing and wood interiors structures.

Adam Winner
Winner’s abstract paintings, which reference specific literary and art historical sources, are meditations on the act of painting.  They function as reflexive exercises in color, texture, space, and surface. His efforts result in works that appear to embody whole histories of thought, as though interwoven into the canvas itself.  Winner’s paintings recall classic 60s avant-modernists like Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelley, but their line, texture, and brushstroke are uniquely his own.


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