At New Student Convocation, Students Find a Novel Helps Them Understand Their Lives

Steinhardt’s new students came together for a special seminar hosted by Patricia Carey, associate dean of student affairs.  The New Student Convocation was the culminating discussion on The Tiger’s Wife, required reading for all new and transfer students.

“We thought The Tiger’s Wife would serve as a wonderful metaphor to shape our discussion about issues that students face when they leave home and embark on college life,” Carey said. She noted that the book retells a journey filled with discovery, surprises, and a protagonist’s growing self-awareness.

Robert Landy, a professor of educational theatre and applied psychology, was the guest speaker at the convocation and encouraged students to apply the book’s story-within-story format to their own lives.

“Stories help us establish and understand relationships,” Landy said.  “We hold important stories inside us and sometimes these stories guide us as well.”

Steinhardt students Charles Wright, Amy Lu, Kent Morit shared a story from their past that has shaped their thinking about family, ambition, and life goals.  Students from the Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions created an original musical for the event.

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(Robert Landy, photo by Debra Weinstein.)