Mary Leou Honored for “Greening the City” by Audubon’s Women in Conservation Program

Mary Leou, director of Steinhardt’s Wallerstein Collaborative for Urban Environmental Education, has been awarded the Audubon’s Women in Conservation Program’s distinguished “Women Greening the City” award.  Leou was one of 24 women recognized for their work in “tirelessly transforming and greening the physical landscape of New York City’s urban habitat” at an award ceremony held at the Plaza Hotel on May 22, 2012.

At NYU, Leou oversees initiatives in environmental education that serve New York City public school children.  In addition, she engages graduate students in service learning, citizen science, and environmental stewardship to prepare them for environmental careers in non-profit organizations, government agencies and cultural institutions.

Formerly the director of education for City Parks Foundation, Leou worked on a large forest restoration project educating the public about New York City’s 5,000 acres of woodlands. She is a two-time winner of the Environmental Quality Award from the Environmental Protection Agency for her leadership and award winning programs.  She serves as co-chair of the New York State Outdoor Education Association’s Environmental Literacy Committee working to develop an environmental literacy plan for New York State.

Mary Leou is a clinical associate professor in Steinhardt’s Department of Teaching and Learning.

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