Gabriela Richard Awarded American Association of University’s Women Fellowship for Gaming Dissertation

Gabriela Richard, a doctoral student in the Steinhardt’s educational communication and technology program, received the AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship to complete her dissertation titled,  “Understanding Gender, Context and Video Game Culture for the Development of Equitable Educational Games and Learning Environments.”

Richard’s dissertation seeks to understand the influence that player’s culture and gender has on learning.

“My interdisciplinary study is grounded in the learning sciences and informed by research on stereotype threat, school climate, game theory, social constructivism, and gender studies.  It is an ethnographic investigation and mixed methods examination of how gender interacts with game culture, which ultimately hopes to inform equitable game design that is sensitive to social and contextual challenges in meeting learning outcomes with video games,” Richards said.

Richard received one of 58 dissertation fellowships awarded by AAUW this year.