Art and Arts Professions’ David Darts on “NYU Venice Alumni Exhibition,” May 24 – June 9, 2012

David Darts, chair of Steinhardt’s Department of Art and Arts Professions, on Steinhardt’s 80WSE’s latest and  unique Venice Alumni Exhibition.

1). What is the NYU Venice Exhibition?

The works in this exhibition represent a small cross-section of the talent and achievements of NYU’s Venice Summer Studio Art MA graduates, many of whom have continued on to forge successful careers as artists, curators, educators, etc. The exhibition also provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon the legacy of Professor Emeritus Angiola Churchill who founded the program in 1974 and helped pioneer the University’s study abroad programs.

2). What is so unique about the Venice exhibition in comparison to previous shows at 80WSE?

The theme of the Venice show is far broader than any we have done previously here at the 80wse Gallery.  Usually an art show is based around art works which support a specific theme but here the starting off point was specific artists who have had a shared experience.  

3). What are some of the works that will be featured at the exhibition?

The exhibition will be extremely varied in the art works shown.  Painting, collage, video, and sculpture will all be represented making for an impressive mix that should give the audience a look into the varied Venice experiences which have left a lasting mark on each of the represented artists.