Steinhardt Abroad: Studying the Culture of Higher Education in Turkey

In March, master’s and doctoral students in Global Perspectives in Higher Education traveled to Turkey to study its higher education system. Led by Professors Teboho Moja and Ann Marcus, the group visited public and private universities in Istanbul, Ankara, and the city of Nigde in central Anatolia. At each university, they met with rectors, faculty members, deans, and students. Turkey’s ancient and recent university traditions provided NYU students with a contrast to the American education system. “I learned that Turkey is a nation between two worlds. It struggles to hold onto its rich history and past, while simultaneously modernizing its education system and culture,” said Rachel Frint, a student in the higher education program. “I was most surprised to learn that Turkish and American students share the same values and reasons for attending college.”

(Photo by Betty Tsang:  Boat Cruise on the Bosphorus — Pictured left to right, back row: Ren Herring, Lindsay Possiel, Rollie Carencia, Jennifer Ellingwood, Jessica Sears.  Front row:  Caroline Cristal, Dustin Gee, Krysta Battersby.)