New Books by Media, Culture, and Communication Faculty Explore Youth Media and Visual Culture

media projects and visual culture are the subject of two new books by faculty
members in Steinhardt’s Department of Media,
Culture, and Communication

Perspectives on Youth Media: Cultures of Production and Education
(Peter Lang), edited by Joellen Fisherkeller, an associate professor,documents and analyzes transnational
research on youth media production and distribution projects, illuminating the
variety and diversity of youth media projects around the world.

book intends to make positive contributions to youth media practices, scholarship,
policy, and advocacy, and ultimately, to help young people around the world
think, feel, and act like powerful and expressive participants in their local
and global multi-mediated realities,” Fisherkeller says.

‘s The Right to Look: A Counterhisory of Visuality(Duke
University Press), provides a comparative decolonial framework for visual culture
studies, a field that the author, a professor of media, culture, and communication,
helped to create and shape. Casting modernity as an ongoing contest between visuality
and countervisuality, or “the right to look,” he explains how visuality reinforces
authority to power and renders the association natural.