Live from New York: SNL Band Featuring Steinhardt Alumni

Saturday Night Live band members Ron Blake (M.M. ’10), Jared Scharff (BS ’01), and Tuffus Zimbabwe (M.M. ’09) are the subject of a profile in NYU Alumni Connect magazine.

The band is “one of the most talented ensembles on television today,’ writes Kristine Jannuzzi, who adds that the musicians create “the energy and momentum that inspire the actors and audience alike.”

On the challenges of performing live, Blake, who earned a degree in music composition says, “Something magical happens at 11:29 every Saturday night when we’re on that stage.”

Lenny Pickett, musical director of the SNL band, is a jazz faculty member at NYU Steinhardt.

Read Alumni Connect/SNL Steinhardt Profile.

(Photo: Members of the SNL band. Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC)

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