Give a Gift of $18.31; Support Our Students

“At NYU we are constantly talking about change on campus, but as students, we seldom have the opportunity to lend a direct hand in making a difference,” says Barbara Leung, a senior who studies media, culture, and communications, and French. “The 1831 campaign offers us the opportunity to help incoming students. It shows them that we are a community and that we will give back in any way we can.”

The 1831 Fund is the Senior Class’ annual gift to other students: every senior’s donation of $18.31 goes directly to financial aid for NYU students. To support our seniors and incoming students with a gift to the fund, visit NYU’s 1831 Fund, or call (212) 998-6878.

Barbara Leung is a member of the 1831 Committee. Read more about how students give back to NYU on her blog, The Life of an NYU Student.


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