Steinhardt Faculty in the News 10/17/11: Cohen, Zimmerman, Darts

Steinhardt faculty weighed in on Wall Street, religion, and Internet piracy during the week of October 17, 2011.

Robert Cohen, professor of social studies education, and author of The Free Speech Movement: Reflections on Berkeley in the 1960s (University of CA, 2002) talks with the Huffington Post about how the Occupy Wall Street movement compares with earlier protest movements. Read:

Occupy Wall Street In American History: An Interview with NYU Professor Robert Cohen

Jonathan Zimmerman, a professor of education and history, writing in the Christian Science Monitor, concludes “anti-Mormonism” is “a prejudice you can get away with” in the U.S. Read:

Why is it OK to be prejudiced against Mormons?

David Darts, chair of Steinhardt’s Department of Art and Arts Professions, was featured in a segment on a TV series called NYC 2.0 which examines New York’s Art and Technology community. The interview focuses on Darts’ PirateBox, a self-contained, mobile file sharing system, and can be viewed at 12:43. Watch:

David Darts on NYC 2.0