Basu Sci-Ed Fellows Convene at Steinhardt for Yearly Workshop

A workshop sponsored by the Jhumki Basu Foundationwas held in July at NYU Steinhardt for New York area science teachers selected as 2011 Sci-Ed Fellows.

The focus of the weeklong professional development program was an introduction to the late Dr. Basu’s Democratic Science Teaching Framework (DSF), which emphasizes student voice, transformational authority, and science literacy, in order to empower disadvantaged students in the sciences.

The educators also participated in activities designed to illustrate how hands-on science, inquiry, and the DSF can be implemented in their classrooms.

The 2011 Sci-Ed Fellows are a diverse group of educators with a range in classroom experience and familiarity with progressive teaching methods. All participants share a goal of making the STEME fields more accessible to all students and are committed to achieving social justice through science literacy.

The 2011 fellows will continue to receive support and education throughout the year as they put the DSF into practice in their classrooms and share their experiences through an online platform, designed and maintained by 2010 fellows David Rothauser and Marc Sole.

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