MFA Thesis Show Brings Art of Sustained Suspense to Washington Square

“I put things into walls. I make spaces for watermelons, sneakers, a drum, a piece of wood. I push through and claim spaces reserved for walls, floors, and bathtubs. I kneel and peer through small openings to watch anxious people working secretly in homes, decaying factories, and abandoned bathrooms. There is a sustained suspense that is never broken. In my films, though the views are clear, I do not know what task is at hand, only that there is something sinister. The objects in the walls are also plainly in sight, but only as surface, shape. The rest is nestled away and hiding in the architecture,” says Iranian-born artist, Shadi Harouni, about ‘Things,’ an art work on display at Steinhardt’s MFA Student show.

Each year graduating MFA candidates in the Department of Art and Art Professions present their thesis exhibitions at Steinhart’s 80 Washington Square East Galleries. Video installations, custom-built rooms, and other works are on display in the gallery and also can be viewed online.

(Photo: Shadi Harouni, Things, 2011 hydrocal, wood, joint compound, paint, watermelons, drum, shoes dimensions variable.)