Questions for John Myers, Steinhardt’s Director of Graduate Admissions

What’s new in 2011 admissions?

The 2011 admissions cycle continues an upward trend in graduate applications. When comparing this year to where we were at the same time last year, we are up by a 14% increase in doctoral applications.

Why do you think we’re seeing more applicants?

We are in our second year of offering admitted, full-time doctoral candidates multiple years of funding so this is much more attractive than it has been in the past.

It’s typical that during slow economic times, graduate applications and enrollments tend to increase. People are thinking more about their futures and what they want to do. Some have thoughts of changing careers and moving into new professional areas so they go to graduate school to orient themselves to a new field of study or profession.

Have technological advances been partly responsible for a growth in the applicant pool?

When it comes to technology, I would have to say that this was the year for video. We tried something new by conducting live video web chats to connect with our prospective students. During six video web chats, representatives from the admissions office answered general questions about the application process, financial aid, and Steinhardt’s programs. In addition to these sessions, a number of program faculty held live video information sessions and there were a few live webcasts of in-person information sessions.

What are the most popular programs this year?

Programs that are experiencing percentage increases in the double digits are: sociology of education; music theory and composition; vocal performance; public health; literacy education; and art education.

I see boxes of files in your office. What’s it like to work in an admissions office?

Our busy season starts with the doctoral deadlines in December and crescendos with the February 1st deadline for most of our master’s programs. The graduate admissions office processes almost 8,000 applications in a very short period of time. My dedicated staff comes in on weekends and stays late during the week to process all those applications.

Tell me something that I don’t know about admissions season at NYU Steinhardt.

Thirty percent of our applicants this year waited until the day before or the day of the deadline to submit their application.

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