Plight of Haitian Women and Children is Subject of Doucet’s MLK Day Lecture

Fabienne Doucet, an assistant professor in Steinhardt’s Department of Teaching and Learning, delivered the Walter’s Art Museum’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day lecture on January 16th. Doucet’s speech, “Haiti—A Year Beyond: Women and Children Last: Stagnation, Bureaucracy and Indifference In Post-Disaster Haiti,’ presented a dire picture of life for women and children, many who are still living in camps a year after the January 12, 2010 earthquake destroyed much of the island.

“These mothers and daughters call to me in my sleep,” said Doucet, who is the co-founder of HaitiCorps International. “They call to me when I’m awake. i hear their voices.”

Read ‘Life for women, children in Haiti worsens, lecturer says,’ by Mary Carole McCauley in the Baltimore Sun.