‘But Does It Work?’ is Question Posed at Conference on Independent Curriculum

The role the curriculum plays in learning was the subject of a conference co-sponsored by Steinhardt’s Institute for Human Development and Social Change (IHDSC). ‘But Does It Work: Debating an Independent Curriculum,’ brought together more than 200 researchers and practitioners for a Saturday conference in January at the Calhoun School to debate innovations and challenges in education. James Kemple,Steinhardt research professor and executive director of the Research Alliance for New York City Schools, delivered the keynote address,”The Role of Curricula in Student Achievement.”

Erin O’Connor, an assistant professor in Steinhardt’s Department of Teaching and Learning, collaborated with Jennifer de Forest, upper school head of the Calhoun School on the conference, which also probed topics such as engineering and math in the school curriculum and the role oftechnology in assessment.

Photo: Alexis Wright, dean, Division of Children’s Programs, Bank Street College; William Crain, professor, The City College of New York, and Anna Housley Juster, a doctoral candidate at NYU discuss the pressures placed on parents, educators, and young children in a round-table discussion titled, ‘Taking Back Childhood.”

The event was sponsored by IHDSC, the Calhoun School, and the Independent Curriculum Group.