We’re Adopted: New Orleans Elementary School Chooses Steinhardt as Model College

Sandra Barnes, a music teacher at Alton Elementary School in Slidell, Louisiana, and her students have adopted the Steinhardt School for the 2010-2011 academic year. The mission of Alton, an inner-city school in New Orleans, is to “prepare all students to be academically and socially successful.” Ms. Barnes decorated her music class to represent the Steinhardt School and express the motto: ‘College Bound Starts Now.’

“It is our belief that every Alton student will become a college graduate,” the elementary school’s website reads.

Photo: Sandra Barnes, back row left, and the Alton Elementary School Chorus pose in the Alton’s gymnasium with NYU Steinhardt pennants.

* * *

Steinhardt’s College Connection Program brings 4,000 middle school students from New York City to its campus each year to learn about the academic and social aspects of college. Since it was started in 1996, more than 50,000 students have visited the Steinhardt School.