Reading Recovery Program Partners with Ohio State University on $46 Million “i3” Grant

NYU Steinhardt will be an official university partner with Ohio State University on a $46 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to improve literacy among struggling first-grade students. The $46 million grant, part of a $650 million grant initiative known as Investing in Innovation, or i3, was announced by the Department of Education in August and finalized in September.

The project, “Reading Recovery: Scaling Up What Works,” will fund intensive, year-long training for teachers to provide one-on-one literacy instruction for first graders. The intervention enables low-performing students to make accelerated progress and reach average levels in reading and writing in just 12-20 weeks.

The Reading Recovery Project at NYU, housed within Steinhardt’s Ruth Horowitz Center for Teacher Development, works with a consortium of school districts in New York City, New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to train teachers in the intervention. Since 1989 when the project began at NYU, 1,242 Reading Recovery teachers trained in NYU affiliated sites have served 10,226 children.

“This award represents very significant recognition of the scale and effectiveness of Reading Recovery at the national level,” said Ann Ballantyne, trainer and director of Reading Recovery Project. “For us at NYU Steinhardt, it represents a wonderful opportunity to build on the 22-year history of the project and expand the services we provide to the most at-risk learners.”

NYU Steinhardt is one of 15 university partners who will collaborate with OSU to scale up Reading Recovery. Steinhardt will receive $2.6 million over five years to provide training and certification for up to 50 teachers in eligible, low achieving schools each year. The grant will also fund a year of academic and professional training for a teacher leader who will open a new Reading Recovery site in a rural area that does not currently have access to the program. In addition, Steinhardt’s Reading Recovery program will provide ongoing support and professional development for teachers and teacher leaders in Scale Up schools and sites.

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