Musician and Composer Jamey Ray (MM, ‘08) Profiled in New York Daily News and WPIX-TV

Jamey Ray (MM, ‘08), a graduate of Steinhardt’s program in music technology, was recently profiled in both the New York Daily News and WPIX-TV.

Ray, who was born missing his left arm below the elbow, is an accomplished musician, choral composer, and arranger working on his first album with his group, The Country Band. They aim to bring country & western music to a wider audience by covering popular songs with a country twist.

A born musician, he says that his parents never treated him differently growing up. Regarding his missing limb, he says, “I’ve never thought of it as a limitation… I’d rather people think I was a great piano player, period, than ‘he’s a great piano player for only having one hand.’”

To listen and to watch Jamey Ray play, click on the links below.

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