Steinhardt Graduation: Joseph Palamar Wins Outstanding Dissertation Award

Joseph Palamar, a doctoral candidate in Steinhardt’s program in public health has been awarded the 2010 Outstanding Dissertation Award. Palamar’s dissertation, The Role of Perceived Stigma, Stigmatization and Religiosity in Explaining Lifetime use of Illicit Drugs in Emerging Adults, investigated the stigma associated with drug use in an empirical manner. In his research Palamar found that individuals who stigmatize drug users are at lower risk for use, though the perception of societal stigma doesn’t appear to deter potential users. “Social disapproval of drug use does not prevent drug use as much as we might think,” Palamar said. “It’s time to start viewing drug use as less of a moral issue and more of a health issue.”

Palamar was among four candidates nominated for the dissertation award. The nominees were:

Brian A. Collins, (Ph.D., Multilingual/Multicultural Studies) for his dissertation: Dual Language Competences and Psychosocial Wellbeing of Children of Immigrants.

Kathy Isoldi (Ph.D., Nutrition and Dietetics) for her dissertation: Childhood Obesity and the School Food Environment: Foods Consumed During Classroom Celebrations and Perspectives Regarding Wellness Policy Implementation.

Roseanna Stanton (Ph.D., Higher Education) for her dissertation: High School Graduation Requirements and Access to Postsecondary Education.

Photo: Joseph Palamar