Deborah Damast of Steinhardt’s Dance Education Program Wins Outstanding Educator Award

Deborah Damast, an adjunct instructor in Steinhardt’s Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions, has been awarded the National Dance Education Organization’s Outstanding Dance Educator (Postsecondary) Award. The award recognizes Damast’s ongoing commitment to advancing the field of dance education, as well as her contribution to dance education in New York City.

Damast serves as artistic director of Kaleidoscope Dancers, Steinhardt’s resident performing company that provides community based programming to New York City school children.She developed NYU’s global Advanced Dance Practicum in Kampala, Uganda, where NYU studentscollaborate with professional dancers, educators, and students at the Royal Ballet Academy and at Makerere University, to gain a cross-cultural understanding about traditional Ugandan dance and the performing arts.

Damast’s choreography has been shown in New York City, Martha’s Vineyard, the Oregon Ballet Theatre, as well as in Italy, Japan, and Uganda. She has written for Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher, Nick Jr., and the New York Daily News.