Steinhardt and Mexico’s Ministry of Public Education Sign Agreement to Evaluate K-6 Curriculum

In an effort to increase educational opportunity for all its children, representatives from Mexico’s Ministry of Public Education visited the NYU’s Steinhardt School to execute a letter of intent authorizing a vast evaluation of its science and mathematics curriculum. Mexico’s curriculum for basic education serves 15 million students with a population of 700,000 teachers in its elementary schools.

The letter of was signed on April 23, 2010 by Jose Fernanco Gonzalez Sanchez, Mexico’s Vice Minister of Basic Education, and Mary Brabeck, dean of the Steinhardt School. The letter authorized Pamela Fraser-Abder, director of Steinhardt’s science education program, to coordinate an assessment of the country’s K-6 curriculum in an effort to help its students ‘to attain national and international competencies.” The assessment team will be composed of science and mathematics faculty from 16 countries.

“It is unique for a country to open its educational system up this way for global assessment, but the Ministry of Education is prepared to assess their science and mathematics programs and to make changes needed to ensure that their students achieve global standards,” Fraser-Abder said.

Photo: Jose Fernando Gonzalez Sanches, Mexico’s Vice Minister of Basic Education, and Mary Brabeck, dean of NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, sign a letter of intent to establish a collaboration that will contribute to quality education in Mexico.