Macinko and Silver Receive Grant to Study State Health Policy Variation

James Macinko and Diana Silver of Steinhardt’s Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, have been awarded a $150,000 grant from the Public Health Law Research Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a study called, ‘A Framework for Understanding State Hea lth Policy Variation.’

Macinko and Silver will be looking at policies adopted by states to address tobacco, alcohol use, car safety, and nutrition and the relationship of these policies to mortality. They will also look at patterns of state policymaking to develop a framework that can help lawmakers develop their priorities for intervening to protect the health of their state’s residents.

The study will also explore how state’s political culture influences its adoption of different public health policies, as well as shed light on how public health professional and elected officials grapple with the complex choices and potential trade-offs involved in different approaches to policy making.

“Public health workers and advocates often work independently without being fully informed about the ways in which policies act in concert to protect public health,” Silver said. “The goal of our research is to help state and local officials decide how to meet new public health challenges.”

James Macinko, associate professor of public health and health policy, is the director of NYU’s Master’s Program in Global Public Health.

Silver, assistant professor of public health, is the director of Steinhardt’s new undergraduate program in public health.

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Photo: Diana Silver, James Macinko