Undergraduate Natan Edelsburg Unleashes the Power of Twitter on a New Web Site Linking Colleges across the Globe

Natan Edelsburg, a junior in the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, got sold on Twitter at the Eden Rock Hotel in Miami, Florida. While exercising on a LifeFitness machine, he sent a tweet to the company: LifeFitness Love your new machine.  Within a few minutes he got a thank you and a recommendation for a portable treadmill for his New York City apartment.

Edelsburg, who is interested in new digital media, PR, social media tools, advertising and other forms of marketing, liked the way that Twitter allowed you to pose a question to your followers and hear back immediately. He was also taken by Gregory Galant, the CEO of SawHorse Media, a guest lecturer in his production class. Before his lecture, Galant tweeted to his followers: Going to speak at NYU, what should I speak about? One of the tweets he received from a follower was: Why don’t you talk about how in the future there won’t be a New York Times because their stock is worth less than the Sunday paper?

Edelsburg kept Galant’s business card. He was interested in how the CEO’s media company developed Twitter sites to mainstream conversations among niche communities. Higher education was the niche community Edelsburg knew best. He created GlobalQuad, a site that aggregates tweets from colleges and universities, during his internship with SawHorse.

“The site links different schools across the country and the globe, and you really get a sense of those who had been smart enough to venture onto Twitter to try and connect with current and prospective students,” Edelsburg said.

GlobalQuad picks up all tweets from NYU’s official Twitter accounts. At any given moment, a visitor can read a post generated from Steinhardt’s Undergraduate Student Government, NYUAlumni, and even select faculty.

“If you follow NYU’s feeds, you’ll learn who Jay Rosen is,” Edelsburg said. “Professor Rosen has over 28,000 followers and is constantly ‘mind-casting.’”

Edelsburg notes that GlobalQuad is not only an easy way to see these different conversations, but “it’s a fun and exciting portal into the minds of many of the influential people who make up our great university.”

Follow Natan Edesburg on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/twatan.