At Wellness Expo, Free Flu Vaccines in Steinhardt’s Pless Hall Lounge

Student lined up outside Steinhart’s Pless Hall (and around the block), for free flu vaccines at NYU’s Annual Wellness Expo in October. The event, sponsored by the Student Health Center and Steinhardt’s Office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, offered a chance for students to shake hands with the NYU’s Bobcat, learn about health topics, play Wii Fit, and get seasonal flu shots, massages, healthy snacks, health screenings, t-shirts, and reusable totes bags.


“This year we administered 1,250 flu vaccines – a record for us, up from 550 vaccines from last year,” said Kathy Gunkel, NYU’s director of nursing and quality management. Both undergraduate and graduate students took advantage of the free flu vaccine program.