Jewish Foundation Scholarship Alumnae Reunite at Steinhardt

Past and current recipients of grants from the Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women (JFEW) came together for the first annual JFEW reunion at the Steinhardt School in June. The New York City-based foundation is dedicated to enabling women with financial need, regardless of their religious affiliation, to meet their education and career goals through scholarships, as well as creating a community of women who are able to fulfill their educational aspirations and contribute to society.

“One of the key ingredients to JFEW’s success is its commitment to effective collaboration with colleges, universities and community-based organizations to create programs jointly, undertake evaluation, and ensure the best possible outcomes for its recipients,” said Sharon L. Weinberg, Steinhardt professor, and current president of JFEW. “I am particularly proud of JFEW’s partnership with NYU’s Steinhardt School, the Silver School of Social Work, and the Wagner School of Public Service. Through these affiliations, JFEW is able to continue its work supporting talented women who choose to study for professions that are of great social value, but often not highly remunerative. I am keenly aware of the impact such a scholarship can have on the pursuit of a women’s life goals.”

Weinberg, along with Steinhardt Associate Dean Beth Weitzman, and Debra Weinstein, At a Glance writer and editor, are also former recipients of JFEW scholarships.

Photo (left to right) Catherine Milne, Steinhardt assistant professor of science education, stands with Naomi Nwosu, a high school science teacher who completed a masters degree in science education with the help of a JFEW scholarship.