Doctoral candidate, Myrrh Domingo, awarded National Academy of Education Fellowship

Myrrh M. Domingo, a doctoral candidate in the English education program in Steinhardt’s Department of Teaching and Learning received the 2009 Adolescent Literacy Predoctoral Fellowship from the National Academy of Education. The award is a $25,000 stipend for doctoral research aimed at improving literacy outcomes for middle and secondary students.

Domingo’s project, ‘Bridging In-School and Out-of-School Literacy Practices: Examining Digital Technologies and Multimodality to Promote Socially and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy,’ is a two-part ethnographic study. The first part of the study is theoretical, examining how a group of Filipino British youth, the “Pinoys,” employ technology to
accomplish meaningful tasks and interpersonal transactions in their daily lives.   The second part of the study is an investigation into the practices of a group of in-service teachers who engage technology to carry out literacy
instruction with their students.

Prior to entering Steinhardt’s Department of Teaching and Learning’s doctoral program, Domingo taught eighth grade language arts at Summit Middle School in New Jersey. (She has also taught undergraduates in the English and education departments at the College of St. Elizabeths.) “I have always been committed to working in the field of education,” Domingo says. “Today, I am grateful to also have the opportunity to conduct research studies. I find that the teaching and research partnership is key to the work that I do. Doing research has helped me to become a better teacher, and having taught and still teaching, I also have a practitioner’s lens to inform my research.”