Steinhardt’s Web Administrator To Perform in Unusual “Underground” Play

A new play, starring Jim Ford, Steinhardt’s webmaster, brings new meaning to the term “underground” theatre.  [For a wonderful review of this weekend’s performance in the New York Times, click here.]

“IRT: A Tragedy in 3 Stations” tells the story of August Belmont, Jr., a financier from the early 20th century who helped finance New York City’s subway system. Ford, who plays Belmont, will be joined by a cast and crew of 35 as they transform New York City subway cars and platforms into performance stages. More than 100 audience members are expected for this sold-out show.

“I’m most looking forward to seeing how a crowd of close to 100 people will navigate their way around the subway lines,” said Ford. “And how the people who don’t know there’s a show going on will react!

The play is already getting great media attention: The New York Post recently profiled the cast and crew during a dress rehearsal in the subway. For more information, click on Break a leg, Jim! (And be sure to mind the gap!)

Watch NY Post video feature on “IRT: A Tragedy in 3 Stations”: