April 7, 2005
Steven Brint, University of California, Riverside

The Disciplinary University and the New Interdisciplinary Interests
What are the causes and consequences of the new university strategies to create technologies, modes of expression, and social relations of the future?

Steven Brint is professor of sociology at the University of California, Riverside. Author of the award-winning book, The Diverted Dream: Community Colleges and the Promise of Educational Opportunity in America, 1900-1985 (with Jerome Karabel), he is currently at work on a new book, Creating the Future: The Politics of Innovation in American Research Universities, 1980-2005. At UC Riverside, Brint directs the Colleges & Universities 2000 Project, a study investigating patterns of continuity and change in American four-year colleges and universities over the period 1970 to 2000.