Higher Education in Israel: Access and Opportunity

Sigal Alon
November 3, 2008, 1:00 PM
Payne Conference Room
Pless Hall, 4th Floor
82 Washington Square East

Sigal Alon is senior lecturer in the department of Sociology at Tel-Aviv University where she studies social and economic inequalities in education, the labor market, and work organizations, with a focus on gender and racial/ethnic disparities. She spent three years as a visiting research fellow in Princeton University's Office of Population Research, developing research on issues of access and affirmative action in US higher education. Funded through a grant from the Spencer Foundation, Alon is currently studying class stratification in Israeli universities. She is the author of The Effect of Overlapping Disadvantages on the Racial/Ethnic Graduation Gap among Students Attending Selective Institutions (2007), Diversity, Opportunity and the Shifting Meritocracy in Higher Education (2007) and The Influence of Financial Aid in Leveling Group Differences in Graduating from Elite Institutions (2007).

Higher Education in Israel: Access and Opportunity PowerPoint Presentation