Alejtin Berisha is the Executive Director of Universum University College in Kosovo where he also lectures in the Organizational Studies courses. He is a fellow at New York University, Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy and an Executive Board Member at EAIR - European Higher Education Society.

His interests are in Higher Education Management, Quality Assurance, organizational change and the development of private higher education in South East Europe. Alejtin is doing a Doctorate in Higher Education Management at the University of Bath (UK), has an MA in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Sussex (UK) and a BBA from South East European University in Macedonia. He is a consultant for various donor projects inKosovo in the field of education and development and an Entrepreneurship Mentor and Coach for various projects such as BiD Network, Startup Weekend and Universum Entrepreneurship Center.

Alejtin is a regular columnist at Kosovo daily ‘Zeri’ where he writes about the Education and Entrepreneurship. He is the Managing Editor of International Journal of Balkan Policy Research (