Undergraduate and Master’s Students Research/Creative Projects Award

Outstanding undergraduate or master’s students at NYU Steinhardt are invited to apply for the Steinhardt Undergraduate and Master’s Student Research/Creative Project Award. Students may be awarded up to $1,000 to conduct a research study or creative project under the supervision of a faculty member. The proposed research or project must be conducted within the time specified and adhere to guidelines established by the University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects.

Criteria for evaluation

  • The extent to which the work will lead to the development of scholarly or creative work (e.g., critical, theoretical and/or historical studies, projects in the visual arts and music).
  • Significance and potential for advancing the field of study.
  • Innovation in approach.
  • Well-specified plan.
  • Feasibility of undertaking the project.
  • Experience and potential of the project investigator to conduct the proposed work.

Eligibility and Restrictions

  • Open to all Steinhardt undergraduate and master’s students.
  • Awards may not exceed 12 months without prior approval from the Steinhardt Office of Research.
  • Students may only receive this award one time during their studies.
  • All awardees must provide the Office of Research with UCAIHS Approval prior to disbursement of funds (if required).
  • If awarded, all investigators must provide a one-page mid-year progress report to the Steinhardt Office of Research no later than January 15th and a final progress report no later than July 1st. Additionally, we ask recipients of Challenge Awards to present findings at a Steinhardt research forum.

Previously funded Students Research/Creative Projects

Undergraduate and Master’s Students Research/Creative Projects Proposal Elements

The proposal must contain the following elements:

  1. Complete application cover page (please make sure to allow enough time to get needed signatures)
  2. 250 word abstract (will be published if awarded)
  3. 5-page research plan or description of the creative project. Should not exceed 5 pages (minimum Arial 11 pt font, 1/2" margins, double spaced, including all pictures, graphs, and tables) and include the following:
    • Specific Aims, clearly stated
    • Background and Significance: Why is it important? What will it contribute to your field of study, career, professional development?
    • Methodology/procedures
    • Describe the role of your sponsor/mentor in the proposed work and how you will work together over the course of the project
    • If your project is part of a larger faculty project, explain how your proposal is independent and distinct from this larger project.
  4. Current CV (5 page limit)
  5. Line item budget and budget narrative.
    • Please list necessary costs. Costs may include such items as travel necessary to the project, fieldwork expenses, participant incentives, software licenses, and supplies. Funding cannot be used for computer equipment. Include a one-page budget justification explaining the purpose of each line item.
  6. Letter of support and commitment from the student’s mentor indicating willingness to work with the student in the completion of work. (Your mentor must be an NYU Steinhardt faculty member. Adjunct professors are allowed as long as they will be teaching during the grant period.)
  7. Timeline for completing the project.

Submission deadline, guidelines, and procedures.