Requesting PI Status at Steinhardt

Please respond to the following questions in the form of a signed letter of support from the sponsor (i.e., center director, department chair) and forward to Pamela Morris, Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs, via email at Please also include the most recent CV of the applicant.

  • Does the individual have sufficient stature to compete for external funding with some chance of success?
  • What has been the extent of the individual’s relationship with the University to date? How long is the relationship expected to continue?
  • Are graduate or undergraduate students to be involved in the research program? If so, who will supervise their research with respect to grading and meeting degree requirements? If the PI leaves, what happens to a student’s project?
  • Are postdoctoral fellows to be involved in the research? Will the award cover their stipends?
  • Is the proposed research congruent with the interests of the department with the interests of the department?
  • Will departmental resources be required for the project? Additional space, equipment, supplies, equipment maintenance costs?
  • Will space needs have an adverse effect on existing faculty space?
  • Will award funds replace expenditures required by the department, e.g., salary support for technicians, etc.?