Award Management

The NYU Post Award Handbook

NYU's Post Award Handbook is a comprehensive tool and reference guide designed to support Principal Investigators and other staff responsible for the financial administration of grants and contracts

SPA’s Handbook provides research faculty and staff all NYU policies and procedures governing post-award administration of grants and contracts. The Handbook - as well as this supporting website - will evolve with changes in Federal law, sponsor requirements and NYU's needs. As a result, both the Handbook and website will be reviewed and updated each year by Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA).

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The Post-Award Process

  • Notice of AwardWhen the Notification of Award (NOA) is received by the Principal Investigator (PI).
  • Forward the NoticeForward to the Office of Research at
  • The Office of Research will review and forward to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

  • SignatureOSP will review and send to the Contracts Office for execution/signature. OSP will then forward to Sponsored Program Accounting (SPA).
  • SPA creates a unique account to be used for all expenses associated with the project. This is sent to the Principal Investigator, all associated investigators, and the Department or Center associated with the project.
  • Department/Budget/Center Administrator contacts Office of Research to request a new award meeting to discuss the necessary procedures to spend down the funds. In addition to the administrator, this meeting will also include the Principal Investigator and representatives from Human Resources, Payroll, Other than Personnell Services (OTPS) and the Office of Research.
  • Always feel free to contact the Office of Research at