How To Apply for Diversity Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Proposal Elements and Requirements

Submit in continuous PDF format as described below. Page numbers and applicant name must appear on each page. Use 1 inch margins and 12-point font.

  • Cover Page
  • Abstract (500 words - 1 page)
  • Project Description (3 pages - must also address evaluation criteria points)
    Please include the following four sections in the body of the proposal:
    • Describe the project aims and goals and how the project will contribute to the field.  Describe the methodology and the procedures that will be employed, including a detailed description of study participants (if relevant), measures to be utilized, and analytic plan.  
    • Describe the particular research activities in which the postdoctoral fellow will be engaged.  Specifically indicate any opportunities for lead-authored and co-authored publications that will support the applicant’s transition to an academic or research institution following the award period.
    • Describe the investigator’s prior experience in mentoring students and/or junior research staff.
    • If there is a postdoctoral applicant already identified for the position, discuss the strength of the applicant. 
  • Evaluation Criteria
    Reviewers will evaluate applications for:
    • Significance and quality of research project,
    • Experience of the project investigator to conduct the project and mentor the applicant,
    • Extent to which the project provides opportunities for supporting the career trajectory of the postdoctoral scholar,
    • Strength of the postdoctoral applicant vita, if available.
  • Budget
    • Confirm matching fund availability by providing chartfield, project name and description of budget line for these funds. (ie: 25-55000-F1234, “Reaching for the stars”, funds budgeted on postdoc salary and relocation lines)
  • Curriculum Vitae (Up to 5 pages)

Submission Process and Deadline

  • Full proposals must be submitted electronically by March 20, 2017 to Office of Research at
  • File should be one continuous pdf and naming convention as follows:
    • Award Mechanism initials: DPRF
    • Principal Investigator last name
    • Call response period (ie: Spring 2017)

Review and Notification Process

  • The Review Committee will undertake comprehensive evaluations of all proposals, identifying those they believe to be most meritorious using standard peer review process.
  • Decisions will be made by the beginning of May and announced at the Steinhardt Faculty Brunch.