Guidelines for Faculty Course Buyouts

Please note that due to the complexity of the below policy, we encourage you to seek further guidance and information from the Office of Research prior to seeking a course buyout.

Standard Faculty Effort

In accordance with NYU Guidelines on Faculty Effort, the standard faculty appointment for faculty in the schools at Washington Square is for the nine-month academic year, with three summer months available for additional compensation at the rate of 1/9th of the academic year salary per month. Academic year time is typically divided into three portions: teaching, research and service/administration. Individual schools may set their own distributions within these three categories.  

The Steinhardt School divides the academic year of faculty effort into 6 equal portions of 16.6% (rounded to 17% for easier calculation).

For Tenure and Tenure Track Faculty the 6 portions are distributed as follows: 4 portions (68%) are reserved for teaching, 1 portion (17%) for research, and the remaining portion (17%) for service/administration.

For Full-time Non-Tenure Track/Contract Faculty the 6 portions are typically all devoted to teaching.

Academic Year Salary and Teaching Relief

Faculty may request relief from the full teaching load to devote additional time to research. Under this condition, the teaching portion is reduced proportionately for each course of teaching relief and the research portion is correspondingly increased, with the salary typically supplied by external grants. In order for Steinhardt faculty to receive one course of release the following conditions must be met:

  1. Written approval from your academic Department Chair or, in the case where the faculty member is the Chair, the Dean of Faculty Affairs
  2. 17% of departmental base salary must be covered by external grants (note the actual percentage written into the grant may differ if you receive additional compensation – please work with the Office of Research on this calculation)
    1. A maximum of 3 different grants all active during the same academic year (September to May) you are seeking release from teaching can be used to fulfill the 17% requirement
    2. A minimum of 5% effort must be charged to each grant used in combination to achieve the required 17%.

Examples of how faculty can receive one course release:

  1. One grant is used to cover the full 17%
  2. Two grants are used to add up to 17% (example: Grant A 5%, Grant B 12%)
  3. Three grants are used to add up to 17% (example: Grant A 5%, Grant B 6%, Grant C 6%)