Effort Reporting System (ERS)

Certification Process

Certification within the Effort Report System is required three times a year and is necessary to stay in compliance with University and Federal guidelines. 

Log on or go to https://ersprod.its.nyu.edu:8443/GenericERS/custom/index.jsp 
Use your NYU Home NetID and Password

1. Click on the number located under "Pending Certification box."

2. After clicking on the number, you will be presented with a list of name(s) whose effort forms are available for certification. An “N” in the “Certified” column indicates the form has not been certified and an “N (saved)” indicates the form has been viewed, but not certified. Click on the name of the individual whose form you wish to certify. The individual’s effort form will be displayed.

3. Review the effort form and the default effort percentages. If there is a discrepancy on the form, such as an incorrect percentage of effort on a project or a missing project number, click the “Notify” button to send an email to your administrator. If there are any Line Item forms for which you need to certify an effort percentage on a specific project, these forms will be located in a separate section, titled “Line Item Effort Forms”.

If there are concerns in certifying the effort form, click the “Notify” link that appears below the attestation statement or email Steinhardt.Research@nyu.edu for assistance. To exit the form without certifying, click the “Exit Form” button. 

4. Review the certification summary to be certain it is correct. If correct, review the attestation statement and click the “Certify” button.

5. To print a final summary for your records click the PDF or PRINT icons located in the upper right hand corner of the summary screen. Click the “Exit Form” button.

Accessing Effort Forms Not Yet Pre Reviewed:

Forms cannot be certified until they have been Pre Reviewed, which is typically done by your Departmental/Center Administrator in coordination with the Office of Research. To review forms that have not been Pre Reviewed click the number in the My Status/To Do box under “Pending Pre Review”.

Logging Off:  

Click the “LogOff” option on the main menu bar on the left side of the screen.