• Award Management
    The NYU Post Award Handbook NYU's Post Award Handbook is a comprehensive tool and reference guide designed to support Principal Investigators and other staff responsible for the financial administration of grants and contracts SPA’s Handbook provides research faculty and staff all NYU polici... Read More
  • Conducting Faculty Research at NYU Steinhardt
    There are offices all over the University and the city that can direct and support your research. Research Guidelines and Policies Academic Conflict of Interest Policy Advisers on Foreign Activities and Research (AFAR)  Conducting Research in NYC Schools Data License Review and ... Read More
  • Effort Reporting System (ERS)
    Certification Process Certification within the Effort Report System is required three times a year and is necessary to stay in compliance with University and Federal guidelines.  Log on or go to https://ersprod.its.nyu.edu:8443/GenericERS/custom/index.jsp Use your NYU Home NetI... Read More
  • Faculty Funding Opportunites
    Internal Grants, Awards and Fellowship Competitions Steinhardt Opportunities Steinhardt Research Challenge Grants Steinhardt Diversity Postdoctoral Research Fellowship IHDSC Seed Awards to Support Interdisciplinary Research Griffiths Research Award Carras Award Professional Development F... Read More
  • Faculty Research Interests
    Our 290 full-time faculty in 11 academic departments form the academic core of our School – teaching, undertaking research, leading curricular reform, developing and implementing innovative field-based projects, and providing leadership in professional organizations throughout the country. The... Read More
  • Fee for Service Explained (and how it differs from a grant)
    Fee for service is a fixed fee payment model Overhead needs to be built into the cost Fee for service is not cost reimbursable Budget is used for internal purposes only and not sent to funder PI puts themselves at risk if getting work done costs more than the flat amount quoted the possibil... Read More
  • Glossary and Definitions for Faculty Research
    Basic Definitions Award Types Proposal Definitions Budgeting Definitions NYU Offices Basic Definitions Sponsored Research: External funds given or awarded to support a specific research or training project or proposal. Principal Investigator: (PI) Person designated to be primarily respons... Read More
  • Griffiths Research Award
    The Office of Research is pleased to invite all full-time faculty in The Steinhardt School to apply for the Griffiths Research Award. The Award was established in 1983 to commemorate a former Dean of our School, Daniel E. Griffiths, who, as Dean and Scholar, was committed to the advancement of knowl... Read More
  • Guidelines for Faculty Course Buyouts
    Please note that due to the complexity of the below policy, we encourage you to seek further guidance and information from the Office of Research prior to seeking a course buyout. Standard Faculty Effort In accordance with NYU Guidelines on Faculty Effort, the standard faculty appointment for facu... Read More
  • Indirect Costs (Overhead) Explained
    Indirect costs represent those expenses not readily allocable to any single research or training project, but which represent the University's costs for carrying out research, training activities and other sponsored programs. The U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued, in conjunction ... Read More
  • Policies, Procedures, and Forms
    Content to Come... Read More
  • Preparing a Proposal: Faculty
    Before You Begin Submitting Letters of Inquiry Components of a Funding Proposal The Proposal Process Following Up Before You Begin Before submitting a Letter-of-Inquiry (LOI) or Proposal you should contact steinhardt.research@nyu.edu with the following information: Your name Funder and... Read More
  • Requesting PI Status at Steinhardt
    Please respond to the following questions in the form of a signed letter of support from the sponsor (i.e., center director, department chair) and forward to Pamela Morris, Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs, via email at pamela.morris@nyu.edu. Please also include the most recent CV of the a... Read More
  • Review and Submit Proposals in Cayuse SP
    Go to NYU home Click Research tab Scroll down to eResearch Toolkit, within Proposal Develop click on Cayuse Research Suite Below Research Administration Modules click on Cayuse SP Click on the PI or Dept Inbox under Certifications/Approvals and you should see the proposal Click the hyper-link... Read More
  • Steinhardt Diversity Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Pilot Initiative)
    Funding: $42,800 (Note: Matching funds of $42,800 required) Duration: Up to 2 years with funding of $42,800 per year This award augments the Provost’s Postdoctoral Program for Academic Diversity by offering “Steinhardt Research Fellows” that are co-funded between the School and ex... Read More
  • Steinhardt Recipients University Research Challenge Fund Recipients 2015
    Rodney Benson Department: Media, Culture, and Communication Title: How Media Ownership Matters: A Case Study of Public, Non-Profit, and Commercial News Media in Sweden, France, and the United States Abstract: How do modes of ownership power vary across types of news media organizations?... Read More
  • Training and Workshops
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