Data License Review and Approval Process


  • On separate sheets of paper please address the Fact Finding and Written Plan for Securing Data
  • The PI Assurance and Dean’s Confirmation (endorsements) should be on school letterhead
  • Return all paperwork to the Office of Research at  


  1. Who is the PI? If applicable, who is the Data Set Recipient?
  2. What is the subject of the research?
  3. Is review by the University Committee on Activities involving Human Subjects needed/approved?

Written Plan for Securing Data

  • What is the minimum amount of limited data set identifiers necessary for the research? Where will the data be kept and how stored?
  • How will access be controlled?
  • Who will be granted access? Are there others outside of NYU who need access?
  • Will the data be maintained in one location?
  • What will happen to the data once it is no longer needed?

Below on School Letterhead

PI and Student Assurance:

I have read the Data Use Agreement between and NYU (on my behalf) and
agree to abide by the obligations it imposes. In particular, I will request only that data minimally
required for my research. I will not use or disclose the data except as necessary to fulfill the requirements of the Agreement [or in a manner that would violate HIPPA standards,] or as required by law. I will obtain the approval of the Dean for any changes in my written plan for securing the data and before any additional users, not already identified in my plan, may be granted access
. I will notify the Dean if an official of the licensor/data repository or any other outside organization questions, or seeks to review or audit, these data security procedures. I will report any use or disclosure of the data not anticipated in the Agreement to the Dean. I will not identify any individuals who are the subjects of the covered data set or contact such individuals. I will report on my progress to the Dean when I will no longer use the data or the research is concluded, whichever happens sooner.

(Faculty/PI signature and date)

Dean’s Confirmation:

The proposed use of the data is consistent with the purpose of the Agreement between and NYU, and the PI’s plan for securing the data is adequate and appropriate. The proposed list of users is limited solely to those who “need to know” (i.e., graduate students or others who are not key research staff will not be unnecessarily exposed). All users who may be added later will have my approval. I will notify the Sr. Vice Provost for Research in the event there is any reported breach of confidentiality.

(Dean's Signature and date)