Center Directors Working Group

This group serves as a forum for center directors and Steinhardt leadership to discuss the specific needs of the school’s research community and to determine ways in which practices and policies in the centers can be aligned to meet those needs. 

Over the years, the group’s work has evolved to include three core activities:

  • Recommending policies and practices that enable the centers’ to provide financial, administrative, and conceptual support for the full range of Steinhardt’s research activities.
  • Building channels for communication and coordination between Steinhardt’s research community and the School and University’s grants and contracts administration and management systems
  • Cultivating opportunities for interdisciplinary research collaboration.

Working in close collaboration with Steinhardt’s Office of Research and Office of Finance and Administration, the Center Directors’ Group has helped inform development of the following initiatives:

  • Annual Center Benchmark Reports that summarize each Center’s productivity, impact, and financial status
  • Policies for the return of 25 percent of indirect cost charges incurred by the Centers
  • Blended administration of pre- and post-award of research grants and contracts
  • Central data and document storage, retrieval and sharing

Centers represented in the Center Directors Working Group include: