Francisco Da Silva, PT

Email: Francisco.DaSilva@nyumc.org

Originally from Brazil, Francisco Da Silva received his BS in Physical Therapy from the Federal University of Santa Maria in 1992 and is currently pursuing an MA in Pathokinesiology at New York University. In 1999 he received the Patient and Family Education Excellence Award at NYU Medical Center where he currently practices as a Clinical Specialist in Acute Care at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. Also in 1999, Professor Da Silva was an invited speaker at X International Symposium of Respiratory Physical Therapy in Gramado-RS Brazil. Since 1995, Professor Da Silva has been an Adjunct Faculty member at the NYU Department of Physical Therapy and has been an APTA certified Master Clinician since 1998. Professor Da Silva shares his knowledge and expertise as a lecturer for the DPT program's course in Prescription, Application, and as Appropriate, Fabrication of Assistive, Adaptive, Orthotic, Protective, Supportive, and Prosthetic Devices and Equipment.