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Music Ed CEM Class

Continuing Education in Music

The Continuing Education in Music (CEM) program at NYU Steinhardt offers an inclusive community environment for adult learners (18+), including those from the disability community, to pursue music enrichment studies. Founded by Dr. Elise Sobol, this not for-credit program is designed to foster self expression in music and performance as means to facilitate independent living skills and community integration. With courses developed to reflect students’ interests, the Continuing Education in Music program at NYU Steinhardt provides individualized learning experiences within small group instruction. Each semester culminates with a showcase event celebrating students’ progress, achievements and musicality. 

Limited scholarship funding may be available. CEM classes may qualify for Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Self-Direction budget approval reimbursement as part of registered students' post-secondary plan.

Saturday Classes Offered Spring 2023:

Foundations of Music Production and Songwriting
This course is designed to develop students’ musical ideas through songwriting, producing, recording and audio engineering. Leveraging best-in-class accessible technology and music-making practices from a variety of communities, this course welcomes learners of all experience levels. Students will perform multiple roles in the music production process (composer, performer, mixer), and will create both individual and group projects that reflect their experience and growth throughout the course. Classes meet on Saturdays, scheduled according to enrollment.

Vocal Performance Workshop
This class welcomes solo singers of all experience levels and musical styles. Taught in a masterclass format, students will have the opportunity to give and receive feedback in a group setting. Overarching goals include the development of healthy singing technique, strengthening body awareness and coordination for singing, and recognizing connections between language patterns in speech and music. Aimed at nurturing students’ creative expression and self-confidence by performing for others, this course culminates in a community showcase featuring work from the term. Classes meet on Saturdays, scheduled according to enrollment.

Pop Music Instrumental Lab
This class provides a group learning environment for students interested in developing their proficiency on popular musical instruments. With instruction tailored to individuals’ skill levels, participants will perform both guitar and keyboard music from a  wide range of styles. Classes meet on Saturdays, scheduled according to enrollment.

Collegiate Piano/Keyboard 
For students with varying experience playing the piano.  Group classes feature keyboard fundamentals such as note reading, basics of music theory, block and broken chords through a range of musical styles from classics to popular jazz and rock standards. Instructional adaptations and placement tailored to specific learning needs of student. Materials sequenced and provided by instructor for ongoing success and enjoyment. Culminating end of semester performance event planned for NYU community to showcase student progress.

Music Movement
Discovering the transformative power of the arts, music movement classes will enable each participant to improve large muscle movement, joint mobility, muscle tone, spatial awareness, and coordination. Whatever domain learners would like to strengthen: physical, communicative, emotional, intellectual or sensory, movement activities will provide multiple entry points to the world of expression for every participant. The accessible classes  are based on experience levels and will feature music from different genres such as classical, ballet, jazz and hip hop. Culminating end of semester showcase performance event planned for NYU community. Classes offered weekly on Saturdays.

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Additional course titles may be available upon request. 

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Continuing ​Education ​in ​Music ​(C.E.M) ​classes ​may ​qualify ​for ​Office ​for ​Persons ​with ​Developmental ​Disabilities ​(OPWDD) ​Self-Direction ​budget ​approval ​reimbursement ​as ​part ​of ​registered ​students' ​post-secondary ​plan

For more information, please contact:
Jamie Ehrenfeld
Program Director, Continuing Education in Music