Steven Hubbard

Doctoral Student Spotlights

Steven Hubbard

Founders Fellow in Higher Education Administration

Steve Hubbard began his professional life as a regional planner. He enjoyed educating citizens on local issues as well as facilitating public discussions and organizing community programs.

The field of student affairs sparked his interest when he realized that the goals of community planning and student affairs were similar: “they both work to encourage participation in building stronger, better, and more compassionate communities.”

After receiving a bachelors degree in Community and Regional Planning at Iowa State University, Steve got a masters in College Student Development at the University of Iowa. At the University of Iowa, he worked as Orientation Program Coordinator and then as Assistant Director of Programming at the University’s Henry B. Tippie College of Business.


“As an educator,” Steve observes, “I know that advanced research skills can help me connect my strong theoretical knowledge of student development with my practical experiences in higher education. Working towards a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration seems like a natural step to complete the connection.


“The program at NYU is an excellent fit for me because it encourages individualized study and consists of faculty members with diverse research interests. In addition, attending an institution in a culturally rich urban environment provides an excellent opportunity for me to broaden my professional experience.”


The Founders Fellowship for Doctoral Study is a highly competitive and prestigious award for new Ph.D. candidates. Founders Fellows receive full tuition assistance for up to three academic years of full-time study, a generous yearly stipend as well as individual faculty mentoring. All full-time Ph.D. applicants who submit a completed application for admission by the January 15th deadline will automatically be considered for this fellowship.


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Written by Ed Goodgold.