Joy Kennedy

Doctoral Student Spotlights

Joy Kennedy

Developmental Psychology

I chose this Doctoral Program Because:
The Applied Psychology department has a strong research focus, and is intensely interested in issues of how individuals develop within their cultural contexts. In addition, Steinhardt encourages an interdisciplinary approach that fosters my research interests, which lie at the intersection of language, culture, and cognition.
My academic passion is:
In 5 or 10 years I hope to:
Contribute my piece to a body of knowledge that improves the lives of young Latino children.
One of the things I enjoy doing in New York City when I'm not being a doctoral student:
Walking around the Village and feeling (slightly) bohemian.
A hobby I have is:
Focus of my research of scholarship:
Bilingual language and cognitive development
I'm interested in this topic because:
Too much psychological research has been done with white, middle class participants and assumed to apply globally.
Research or scholar I most admire:
Bambi Schieffelin (NYU Anthropology)
Professor who has influenced me the most:
Gigliana Melzi (NYU adviser)
Research project I've most enjoyed working on:
My dissertation. It has allowed me to ask - and answer - the questions that matter most to me.
Favorite course as a doctoral student:
Culture, Context, and Psychology with LaRue Allen
What I like most about being part of a community of doctoral students:
Open minds, thoughtful discussions, and shoulders to lean on.

Background Information

Where you grew up:
Southbury, CT and Park City, UT
Career Goals:
Academic position at a university
Honors, Awards, and Achievements:
2010 – 2012 Head Start Graduate Student Research Grant Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2008 – 2009 Dean 's Grant for Graduate Student Research, New York University 2005 – 2008 Founders Fellowship, New York University 1989 – 1992 University Scholar, Brown University; Raising two happy children while successfully negotiating the challenges of the doctoral program
Other professional or service activities:
I work with two Head Start programs administered by the Children's Aid Society, conducting research to evaluate supplementary programs, volunteering in the classroom, and offering workshops on language and literacy development.